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How to Download Instagram Videos in Mp4

Download Instagram Videos or Instagram downloader is a website to download Instagram videos to your computer, mobile, or tablet. With Instagram downloader – Instagram Video Downloader, you can convert and download Instagram videos in Ultra High-Quality MP4 format.

We developed this web tool because Instagram does not allow you to download videos and photos. They make Instagram to MP4 downloader as simple as possible, so site users do not face any issues when they are downloading the Instagram Photos/videos. Download Instagram Photos/ Videos extracts mp4 video link for the Instagram video. After the video link is analyzed, you redirected to the page, where you can see the Instagram Photo/video. Below that Image/video, you will see a ‘Download’ button. Just click on that, to start your download.
Some of the Instagram videos are private, so the private Instagram account videos are not accessible from there server. Click the private site tab of for downloading private videos.



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How to Download Instagram video in HD Quality?

Do you want to download Instagram photos and videos in High-resolution format? Then Download the best quality Instagram videos and pictures with Instagram Downloader.


How to Download Instagram Image or Video Online?

Download Instagram Image and videos to your local devices like pc, computer, phone, iPhone or Android.

For Downloading Instagram videos/Photos paste Instagram URL (Image or Video) in ‘Text-Box’ & click Download for Instant download.

Download link of videos/mages will display on the same page.

Click on the “Download” button to save the Photo/Videos.

download Instagram photos and videos with steps below.

1. Go to instagram.com, find Instagram image/video that you want to save.

2. copy that URL of the Instagram photo /video.

3. Paste the URL on downloader textbox and click on “Download” button.

4. Download Photo or Video

Ready! Your video/photo will be available for download.

Every day, millions of photos posted on Instagram. It makes it the most popular photo app on the planet. You regularly find images that you have to keep. You can save photos in the application with print screen option with your phone. However, in the end, you may also want to save the picture on your smartphone or computer. Try bellow steps for downloading high-quality Instagram photos, videos and stories.


Is illegal downloading photos or videos from Instagram?

It’s okay to download Instagram photos and videos unless you are using it for commercial purposes. For the business purpose, you should take proper permission of the original owner of photo or video. If you doubt whether or not you can download a photo or video always asks for approval from the rightful owner.

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